15 Mar 2018
[BockosCreative] Happy to announce that Alan Shortall has joined our roster! #advertisingphotography #alanshortall #photography https://t.co/VnUccicLN8
7 Oct 2016
[BockosCreative] @theworkbook Fall 2016 is out. Here are spreads from Laurie Proffitt and Barb Peacock. #advertising… https://t.co/smbOJAw7FR
1 Aug 2016
[BockosCreative] Laurie Proffit's website is #FeaturedWebsiteoftheWeek on @liveBooks https://t.co/ToFyYwY0eZ https://t.co/TPBn7S7LFp
30 Jun 2016
[BockosCreative] Andy Barnes has a new website. Take a look at his new work! https://t.co/6SJyXIJw4B https://t.co/AxAz2QuUVR
24 May 2016
[BockosCreative] https://t.co/mNCNRoTLsB is brand new! Check the redesign! #tonydorio https://t.co/J9HKrBBGPy
26 Apr 2016
[BockosCreative] We are now representing Eric Stein nationally! His work can be see @www.bockoscreative.com + https://t.co/Lmae65edJU https://t.co/aZjxWmVxMv
23 Feb 2016
[BockosCreative] Check out new work by Andy Barnes for @Target Cartwheel app https://t.co/eJ2DEIob5L
11 Dec 2015
[BockosCreative] Andy Barnes is showing a new personal project tonight 12/11 @ Throop Studio. 7:00 p.m. 1500 N. Throop, Chicago. https://t.co/SW3tXu1H7M
12 Aug 2015
[BockosCreative] Andy Barnes speaking at the Apple Store Michigan Ave 679 N. Michigan Ave. 8/24. 7-8:00 p.m. Free event! http://t.co/1YyC2mBLDq
11 May 2015
[BockosCreative] Take a moment to follow Barbara Peacock's @instagram https://t.co/ARcuD4ADaa
24 Mar 2015
[BockosCreative] Congratulations to Laurie Proffitt for winning GOLD at 2014 Cleveland #AddyAwards http://t.co/5WNRVjipQ2
11 Mar 2015
[BockosCreative] Tony D'Orio stance on selfie sticks - leave them at home! http://t.co/5fHxthYuL5
5 Mar 2015
[BockosCreative] Andy Barnes updated his site. Check it out here http://t.co/6SJyXIJw4B There's even an #Instagram section.
8 Jan 2015
[BockosCreative] We are excited to welcome the very talented Barbara Peacock to our roster! Check out her lifestyle work at http://t.co/zyW0P4n5Vy
6 Jan 2015
[BockosCreative] @CommArts featured Tony D'Orios @DenverWater Don't Be That Guy posters. http://t.co/xRNmf5YLoY
16 Dec 2014
[BockosCreative] Check out new work by Andy Barnes next time you're in @FedEx this holiday season! #advertising #photography http://t.co/kPDP8Frejf
17 Nov 2014
[BockosCreative] Follow Andy Barnes on #instagram http://t.co/qFEE1d3ZuS #stilllife #advertising #photography http://t.co/hxZDWsS9zt
23 Aug 2014
[BockosCreative] Vote 4 Laurie Proffitt's images in @pdnonline People's Choice Food Photography Awards http://t.co/HLoG5MUbjf http://t.co/da08fQWnyH
11 Aug 2014
[BockosCreative] Tony D'Orio for Vicks @ZzzQuil #sleeplikearock http://t.co/TtggLajZnB
28 Jul 2014
[BockosCreative] Tony D'Orio #tonydorio for @DenverWater @sukle_IDEAS http://t.co/6fbGqtiJNz
3 May 2014
[BockosCreative] Make A Wish Ball! Great night! Great cause! #soldier field #seth Meyers
22 Apr 2014
[BockosCreative] Happy #EarthDay #EarthDay2014 Laurie Proffitt photographs fresh veggies. #Buylocal #foodphotography #advertising http://t.co/OKFMz4OoQu
11 Apr 2014
[BockosCreative] Tony D'Orio's ad for #benefitcosmetics made it into @LuerzersArchive #200best http://t.co/fsMYgsRX9X
18 Mar 2014
[BockosCreative] We've updated our site. Check out new work from our artists at http://t.co/E8fal4MO0B
7 Jan 2014
[BockosCreative] Perfect #polarvortex meal - Giordano's pizza slices photographed by Laurie Proffitt. #photooftheday #photooftheweek http://t.co/zWhVzRNweP